Giuseppe Torri, assistant professor

I am interested in Atmospheric Physics. My research focuses primarily on precipitating convection, which I study using the combination of Large Eddy Simulations/Cloud Resolving Models and a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model to obtain a process level understanding of the fundamental dynamics, and also using observational data from satellites and stable water isotopes in precipitation. I apply these tools to research topics such as downdraft and cold pool dynamics, and also to the study of severe and extreme weather events and how these will respond to climate change. For more information about me, see my updated CV!

Mingyue Tang, graduate student

I am from Wuhan, the city with most rivers, lakes, and heavy rainfall in China. I came to University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa to continue studying Atmospheric Sciences as a graduate student. I find weather and climate fascinating and mysterious because, while they seem to be within reach of our understanding, they present us with many unsolved problems. I am interested in clouds and tropical convection, their fundamental dynamics, and their interactions with the large scale. In my free time I love drawing and outdoor activities.

Kayla White, undergraduate student

I am a Global Environmental Science (GES) student planning to graduate in the Spring of 2021. I was Editor for Seawords, the Marine Option Program’s (MOP) Monthly newsletter and I plan to graduate with a MOP certificate. I grew up in Dallas, Texas and came to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa to study how climate change effects earth systems. I plan to further my research in graduate school and spread this research to the academic community. In my free time I love to surf, hike, and scuba dive!

Group Alumni

Eleanore Law, undergraduate student

I am from Nashville, Tennessee and I am currently studying Atmospheric Science at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. I plan to graduate in Summer 2020 and hope to be able to work either forecasting for local media or the National Weather Service. In my free time I can be found volunteering around her community, surfing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors. My favorite weather phenomenon is rainbows!

Britt Seifert, undergraduate student

I am an undergraduate Atmospheric Sciences student at UH Mānoa. A proud Texan, I spent most of my life growing up in Austin where lightning storms danced across the skies and captured my attention from a young age. Now in my third (and final) year of studies, I am the secretary for the American Meteorological Society Aloha Chapter, an Earth Science Education and Outreach Ambassador, and contribute to the Open Educational Resource textbook for the ATMO 200: Atmospheric Processes and Phenomenon course at UH. I hope to start a career in my field where I can continue to learn and spread my knowledge to the community.