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Isotopes in tropical rainfall

A complete understanding of the interaction between convection and the large-scale circulation in the Tropics remains an outstanding problem. Although there is evidence that the vertical structure of convective heating has great influence in the large-scale response and that this structure also presents considerable geographical variations, more needs to be done. One of the questions… Continue reading Isotopes in tropical rainfall

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Moisture patches

Moist patches are areas in the subcloud layer characterized by a positive water vapor anomaly compared to the environment and are considered important in triggering new convective cells. A correct understanding of the origin of the water vapor in these patches is, thus, essential to improving existing convective parameterizations. Recent studies have addressed this problem… Continue reading Moisture patches


Precipitation-driven downdrafts

Precipitation-driven downdrafts are an important component of deep convective systems. They stabilize the atmosphere by injecting relatively cold and dry air into the boundary layer. They have also been invoked as responsible for balancing surface latent and sensible heat fluxes in the heat and moisture budget of tropical boundary layers. This study is focused on… Continue reading Precipitation-driven downdrafts

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Convection triggering

Cold pools are fundamental ingredients of deep convection. They contribute to organizing the subcloud layer and are considered key elements in triggering convective cells. It was long known that this could happen mechanically, through lifting by the cold pools' fronts. More recently, it has been suggested that convection could also be triggeredthermodynamically, by accumulation of… Continue reading Convection triggering