Atmospheric Physics Research Group

What we do

Deep convection

We use state-of-the-art numerical models and innovative diagnositic tools to study the main dynamical features of deep convective systems, such as cold pools, downdrafts, and updrafts.

Island hydrometeorology

Islands are biodiversity hotspots that are threatened by the ongoing climate change. Using a variety of approaches, our research aims at providing robust and actionable results that can help improving water managements on tropical islands.

Stable water isotopes

Using a combination of high-resolution simulations and data we are collecting in Hawaii, we aim at improving our understanding of how convection affects atmospheric water isotopes.

Tropical and subtropical atmospheric dynamics

Cut-off lows are large-scale systems that are often responsible for severe weather in many parts of the globe. Our research involves the use of global climate models and reanalysis data to clarify aspects of their dynamics that are not very well understood.

Our work


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